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CTR Poster

In my church, we have a saying of "Choose The Right." I wanted to bring that saying into my home which led me to create a CTR super hero poster. It has done wonders in our home!


I bought this cute little super hero from the web (unfortunately I can't remember the website) and pasted him onto a cardboard and wrote the words CTR... Choose The Right.

Now whenever I see my children "Choosing the Right", I quickly write it down on the board. I have it hanging in our family room so it is always easy to get to. I also make it a point to tell my husband at dinner what the kids did to Choose The Right that day. Their faces light up with delight.

My son's behavior has greatly improved! He likes to have control and now instead of me directing him to what he needs to do and getting upset... I just ask him to Choose The Right. Almost all the time he makes the right decision. I love that it is teaching him to make good decisions without my input.

What are your parenting tools?


Honest Train

My son LOVES trains. In fact, I think he loves them more than life itself. His room is decorated with trains and I thought it might be fun to have a value train hanging up with the word of the month. Since this month's word is honest, here is our honest train!


{Please excuse the not so great picture, I need to better my wall photography AND one day we will not have nasty, white walls!)

In introducing this train to Logan, I pulled out one car at a time and we discussed ways we can be honest. For example, we leave the cookies on the counter and ask for permission to eat one, we do our own work, and we tell mom or dad if we break something.

To make the train: 

1. Cut out the desired train onto card stock. I used the Silhouette but I'm sure the Cricut has a train image and another option is to print a train from your computer.

In reflection, I needed to cut my engine backwards but it was too late. The other side of the paper did not go with the colors. As you can see, it would have been better to switch the engine and caboose.

3. Cut out the letters HONEST (I used the Silhoeutte) and glue onto each car.

4. Tie the train together with ribbon and/or hang on the wall with the couplings hanging over the car behind. (I have read way too many train books to know the word coupling.)

We are also enjoying the books "Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire" by Diane deGroat and "Honesty" by Kathryn Kyle.



Honesty: 1st Lesson

 In teaching values, two references I refer to often is "Teaching Your Children Values" by Linda and Richard Eyre and The Power of Moms  which is co-authored by one of their daughters. You can find a wealth of information in these two resources. In "Teaching Your Children Values," the authors have activities to implement with all age groups. 


In teaching honesty, the Eyre's wrote that as parents we must:

  • Be completely honest with our children
  • Give praise and a chance to "start over"
  • Point out consequences (cause and effect)

1. True or Not True" activity from the Eyring book

Directions: Make a statement and have children state whether your statement is a truth or not a truth. Start making statements that are physical facts and them move towards behaviors.

A few examples:

  • They sky is green
  • We hear with our toes
  • I took a cookie and then say "I didn't take a cookie."

When finished with your statements discuss the difference between a true statement and a not true statement. Discuss that an untruth is called a lie. Complete the activity again using the words true or lie. At the end of the activity ask why it is important to tell the truth.

2. Share a story of when someone was honest.

3. Sing the song, "I believe in Being Honest" I love the first two lines:

I believe in being honest

I believe in being true

That honesty should start with me

In all I say, in all I do.

 4. If you would like to bring scripture into your lesson discuss Exodus 20: 15-16. Discuss what it means to steal and give false witness.

I love children's books and try to incorporate them in everything I teach. These two books are fantastic in teaching honesty.

  • The Empty Pot by Demi
  • the Berenstain Bears and The Truth

Logan loved these activities and now he is always telling us that we need to be honest. Curtis and I are really trying to reinforce him telling the truth. For example, when he pushes Hannah. I ask him if he pushed Hannah and he usually tells me yes. I then tell him thank you for telling me the truth and then dish out the appropriate consequence.

I hope these activities and ideas can be of use! Happy Teaching! If you have any ideas that you would like to share, please leave a comment. I would love to hear and share what you are doing!!!