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Theme Night: Twitterpated Thursday

For some reason, it seems like many have not heard of the word twitterpated. I, for one, love this word! So for those who have never heard of it... twitterpation = smitten. Ahhh, love.

February is all about love. This theme night we happened upon the most incredible dinner treat and started our "love" tree.

Love Tree

I've seen some little trees like this on the internet and absolutely loved them. I gathered broken branches from outside and arranged them in a vase using a Styrofoam bottom.

I thought it would be fun to add hearts on our little tree describing who and what we love. Each one of us fill one out each night at dinner time.

We accidentally happened on the "best" dinner treat. Maybe it was the night, but our dinner was oh, so good. Even better, it was the easiest meal ever!

Sourdough Pancake Whip Cream Sandwiches

Oh, wow. Even my husband was excited for these. I will share the recipe for the sourdough pancakes later this week.

I cooked two pancakes, cut them into hearts using a cookie cutter, and filled them up with whip cream. Oh, heavens I might have to make them again. No need for syrup.

Heart-Shaped Cupcakes

Lastly, we feasted upon heart-shaped cupcakes. I LOVE cupcakes and these are fantastic! This tutorial is fantastic.

Isn't love month great!


MIA! Love Activity for This Week

Sorry I have been missing in action! My brother is getting married and I took a journey across many lands to arrive at my parent's home. I do have pictures from Valentines which I will share soon.

This week's Twitterpated Tuesday didn't happen with all the craziness surrounding us.... however, today we are working on our "Love Chain." Each of the kids (mine and their cousins) will color what they love and we will make a chain garland to hang around my parent's home. I can't wait to see what the three and two year come up with! Pictures coming soon!

Plans for March are in the works!


Twitterpated Tuesday #2 Recap!


Our 2nd Twitterpated Tuesday was another success!

 We ate yummy pizza and salad. It's easy to make a red drink by combining Ginger Ale and Cranberry Juice. To add a little red to salad, add strawberries. Yum. {Elise made the pizza, so I cannot take credit for it.} 

Logan loved the scavenger hunt. We searched our home high and low and finally found the heart bowl of M&M's. Next time, I am going to make it longer and better! I included how we can demonstrate love on each slip. For example, "You can show love by giving hugs and kisses. You can show love by being obedient. You can show love by sharing your toys." 

 The desert was literally heaven on earth. While shoveling into our mouths, all we heard was, "This is delicious. I need a second piece. This is soooo good." The recipe is here. You have to make it!


And we can't leave out the babies. The little girl belongs to me and the darling little boys belongs to Elise and Lowell. Hannah tends to have dinner and then go to bed, so hopefully next year she will join in on the festivities.



Twitterpated Tuesday... Take 2


It's the beginning of week 2, and I am so excited for this week!



I love traditions and one we have for February is our "Love Mailboxes." These are already all over the Internet, but thought I would still share. :) Each of us has a mailbox {Target $1}and everyday a reason why I love that person is placed within, including a small treat from time to time. Logan is always looking for his flag to be up and loves to open up Hannah's for her. One recommendation... write all your slips at one time.


This week's festivities include an easy dinner preparation and a scavenger hunt.


  • Pizza (We like the homemade kind with cheese for myself and the kids and mushroom and bacon for my husband, but you can also order in!) I was going to, again, use the heart shape cookie cutter to cut out the slices. 
  • Strawberry pizza for the sweet tooth. I'm going to try THIS recipe and bake it in my heart mold. {And remember, strawberries are an aphrodisiac, so save some for after the kids go to bed! We like to joke about "Frisky Friday".}
  • The drink is cranberry juice and ginger ale. Yum. 


  • "Heart Marks The Spot"... We are going on a scavenger hunt to find our pot of Valentine M & M's (Logan's favorite candy.) Each clue will direct him where to go but also teach him how to show love. For example, "Always Share Your Toys" and "Always Say Thank You." I expect Hannah will have a blast following her brother around the house, she just started walking a few weeks ago.  

This week I plan to write and link some of my favorite ideas that are in my stash of "To Do In The Future." So stay tune for that and the follow up to Tuesday!



Twitterpated Tuesday #1 Recap


Sorry for the delay! We had an ice storm which resulted in us loosing power and then life was busy!


We celebrated our first Twitterpated Tuesday with our best friends... Lowell, Elise, and Tanner Smith! Please make sure you see Tanner's head at the bottom of the picture.
The whole night was all about LOVE, yes, kind of gaggy, but isn't that what February is all about!



We started our night with some pre-dinner Valentine making. Logan loves glitter, scissors, and glue, so he was in heaven.Curtis got involved and did some awesome glitter hearts. Love watching my husband getting his hands dirty with glue. 


During the day, I made chocolate hearts (white chocolate with red food coloring) and the cake. There are heart molds everywhere right now... AC Moore, Target, Michaels, JoAnne's...




We dined on our breaded zucchini, carrots, dip, and protein packed grilled cheese. Grilled cheese = Logan in heaven yet again. Hannah wasn't minding it either. Elise brought our red drink and the yummiest strawberry and artichoke salad. 



After our scrumptious dinner, Logan decorated the cake and we helped our self to many servings. {Excuse the watermelon plate, it's the only very large, flat plate I have.}
All in all, our first Twitterpated Tuesday went well! I'm finding it hard to have an activity after dinner since both our kids go to bed at 7:00 PM. This month I am switching our activities to before dinner. Hopefully this will give us more time to enjoy our time being silly!
Next post coming tomorrow... Twitterpated Tuesday 2!