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Birthday Celebrations

My daughter turned two last week. I can't believe how fast time flies. I am working on making birthdays a special event in our home. A few things we enjoy doing...

Birthday shirts! You can design your own and print out on iron on transfers. Shirts can be bought very inexpensive from AC Moore. Etsy also has quite the selection.

Card design and prints from Brightside Prints

Birthday Cards sent to family and friends. We hang a copy on the refrigerator all year long. It's really fun to see how the kids change from year to year.

We also had a little party with some very close friends to celebrate our little girl. We had a hot chocolate party and polka dots as our decor.

  • Our little party consisted of home made hot chocolate, an assortment of marshmallows including chocolate dipped, whipped cream and pizza bites with marinara.
  • Polka dot balloons from Walmart. (I was super excited!)
  • Table decor... white table cloth, covered with strips of streamers, covered by a piece of vinyl.

I am trying to figure out how to celebrate birthday weeks. I'm trying to think outside the box and am kind of stumped. I would love to hear your ideas!


Love Mailboxes

{I think I need to find a Valentine's button for the post starter... This month just does not invoke snowflakes to me.}

I can't believe it's almost Valentine's Day already! This month is sure flying bye! I do love this month of love though because I think it is a theme that can be celebrated all month long.

One of our little traditions in our home is our Love Mailboxes.

These are already all over the Internet, but thought I would still share. Each of us has a mailbox {Target $1} and everyday a reason why I love that person is placed within, including a small treat from time to time. Logan is always looking for his flag to be up and loves to open up Hannah's for her.

One recommendation... write all your slips at one time.


The Christmas Spirit

A few years ago, I came across this article about how to keep the Christmas season focused on Jesus Christ. I thought it was brilliant and kept it in my binder until the day my own children were old enough to start understanding.  Thus, The Christmas Spirit started in our home this week. My oldest just turned four and it kills me that he thinks Christmas is just about getting gifts. I love Santa and the whole hoopla, however, above all, I want my children to understand that we celebrate our Savior.

This year The Christmas Spirit is bringing a nativity set to our home. I found a Melissa and Doug set that was relatively inexpensive and the kids could interact with it. Each day, the kids find a wrapped piece of the Nativity set from the The Christmas Spirit. This gives me an opportunity to discuss the importance of each person in the birth of Christ. Today, my children learned that we celebrate Christ's birth and who Mary and Joseph were. Tomorrow it will be the setting and on and on.

I am also implementing (I'm a little slow!) two other ways to focus on Jesus Christ:

  • Each year we discuss how we give gifts to others, this discussion also includes Jesus Christ. Each family member writes on a piece of paper what "gift" they would like to give Christ for that year. I roll the paper and tie a bow around it. We then place it on the Christmas tree. This year, I am going to keep the rolls of paper after Christmas is over and post our "gifts" in each of our rooms so we can focus on it all year long. For my little kids, I will have them draw it and I will write what it is underneath the picture.
  • Tonight we are going to discuss how Jesus Christ was kind and served all. I am going to show them our "manger" (can be a doll crib or in my case a small box). I am going to ask them if they like a comfy bed or a hard bed... they better say comfy! I am going to encourage each of my family to serve each other and everyone around us. Each time we do, we can put a piece of "straw" in the manger (this can be ribbon, straw from the Fall hay bales you can buy, paper cut into shreds, or in my case raffia that I cut up.) We are going to try to make a comfy "manger" for Jesus. This idea originally came from my parents. I think it worked!

I wold love to hear more ideas! Please leave a comment on how you keep The Christmas Spirit in your home!



The Importance of Family Traditions

Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable, and safe in a confusing world. - Susan Lieberman



I believe strongly that creating family traditions helps us create our family identity. One of my many goals as a mother is to create a family who supports and loves each other. I want my children to reflect back on their childhood as one of joy and laughter. I am trying to intentionally create these experiences. If I don't, I believe our lives will pass by with colorless experiences due to getting caught up in our dull life to life responsibilities.


This article is fantastic.  It discusses the importance of traditions and identifies 32 ideas to get started with family traditions. Enjoy!