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St. Patty's!

I have failed Top of the Morning Thursdays.

Sometimes life gets in the way of all my glorious plans. 

These past four weeks and next week are CRAZY thus not allowing me to be the cutest soccer mom ever. Oh, well, St. Patty's will be awesome next year!

I did have plans for the big day tomorrow, however, we have music class tomorrow early evening and by the time we get home it's time for the kids to go to bed. My dinner plans did include...

  • Green crepes with strawberries, bananas, and other fruit. Yum!
  • Limeade... 1.5 cups of lime juice and 4 cups of sugar with water. 
  • Green and Yellow salad consisting of cantaloupe, kiwi, and any other green and yellow fruit
  • And yummy cupcakes. The link is here.
For our activity, Logan and Hannah were going to follow the leprechaun's trail to the end of the rainbow. Leprechaun steps are cut out and placed all over the home. The kids start at the beginning spot and follow the trail from room to room, picking up little prizes and coins along the way. At the end of the trail is a pot full of treats and coins symbolizing the pot of gold. 
I hope you have a Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!! 

I would love to hear how you celebrated!



the I Share sites!!!

These sites make me all happy and giddy.

I visited I Share Printables today and searched for St. Patrick's ideas. I can't choose which ideas I love the most, so I will share a few I think I will incorporate into our home this month. 

Logan loves to color and I love this printable coloring page.

Love these little messages that I can give the kids on random days with a little treat.

I am going to use these tags to go along with our rainbow theme this week!

Please share any ideas you love! 

I also want to share my new family picture that I love...


Top of the Morning Thursday: Week Two!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) our last Top of the Morning Thursday did not happen for us. We were in Utah and the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while Curtis and I went out for dinner with some of our fantastic friends. At least I have that idea banked away for next year!

These next three weeks are going to be crazy! I will be out during the day for the next 2 1/2 weeks for work, but thankfully breakfast is EASY to make and I have the weekends to prepare everything. {I'm so thankful to work at home, the days I am out I come home completely exhausted.}

Anyway, this week's plans include:
  • Green waffles and eggs. I haven't decided on what waffle recipe to use, but I think I will find the recipe with the most stars in
  • Logan loves glue and tissue paper so I am going to make our own version of these...
The links are found here and here

I have a small wall dedicated to each month's activities and projects. It's bare right now and needs some color. If time permits, we may make some small rainbows we can send to our family through the mail.   

Spring is almost here! I can't wait!!!


March's Theme!

March is Top of the Morning Thursday!
{courtesy of Elise's brilliant mind}

Decorations from the party store have been bought and I am excited to go back home after the big wedding to deck out everything in green.

Dinner's will consist of breakfast items and of course green dye. 

This week we will feast on green pancakes and I think I will try to make these Clover Cupcakes. 

Our activity will consist of making these fun buttons from Martha Stewart found here. You can always count on Martha to have a fun idea!