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Three Tips for Travelling with Kids

I, probably like you, scour the internet for tips on travelling with kids. We have done numerous flights, one cross-country move, and many road trips. We love to travel. After almost eight years of travelling with kids, I have narrowed down my travelling tips to three.

1. Lots of movies

2. Lots of snacks

3. Always make the kids go to the bathroom before you leave a stop because without fail, they need to go five minutes later.


I used to bring lots of toys and games but quite frankly that ended up in dropped toys which resulted in tears and games led to arguments which you cannot escape from being strapped into a car! When flying, less is more. It is so difficult flying with small children and having enormous bags to cart around. Thank heavens for Ipads and digital movies!

One activity that we do love while road tripping is each of us pick a favorite song and we take turns listening and singing to each song. Even my two year old can tell us a song she loves. She will usually screech at us that she wants to dance so we do our best to dance in our seats. This usually goes on for about four rounds and we all love it!

What suggestions do you have for road tripping or flying? Share below in a comment or on Facebook!


Weekly Theme: Camp Week Part 1

Each week this summer, we will be doing some fun food, crafts, and activities with our children revolving around a certain theme. I hope you join us in these themes and we would love for your to leave comments with your ideas or link up your ideas on our Facebook page!

This week we are celebrating camping. My little family just returned from a week long camping trip to beautiful Maine. Today, I wanted to share a few quick tips on travelling long distances and camping with children. Throughout this week, we will share food ideas, activities, and crafts you can do with your children whether you are camping at home or camping out under the stars.


  • Don't always assume you can travel to Maine during the summer and try to find a hotel room at 2 AM! 
  • Throw away the limited TV screening policy and let your kids watch unlimited movies. It is so peaceful and quiet you can even have conversations with your husband!
  • Have snacks galore! We used a cooler with fruit, cheese, lunch meat, and made sandwiches and snacks.
  • Have any stuffed animals, special blankets, and PJ's ready for nap time or if travelling at night.
  • Take as many rest stops as needed.
  • A few fun games... I Spy, the license plate game, and I also taught Logan the color ruby and we tried to find as many items that were rubied color. He loved it.
  • Music and silly songs



  • Know that the kids will go to bed late and naps will be skipped or taken whenever possible.
  • Dirt is good... at least that is what I tell myself when my daughter is continually dirty from digging and playing
  • Always be prepared for rain
  • It is exhausting, but well worth it!
  • Lots of band-aids for those many falls and scrapes
  • Don't forget to charge your camera so you have enough battery power for all those great pictures you will be taking!
  • Embrace the no make-up and hair pulled back every day look
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Be prepared for a lot of activities and then realize you didn't do any of them... you were too busy enjoying your family and exploring!

I hope some of these tips can help! I really encourage camping. I told my husband that it is a lot of work, but the experience is so valuable! Our family loved it and hopefully your family will love it as well!