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It's Bug Week!

It's Bug Week in our households this week. I'm not a lover of bugs, but for some reason all kids seem to be!

We started off our week with a few bug activities. First, we made some puffy paint and painted bugs. I did an internet picture search for examples of bugs. My son picked out what bugs he wanted to paint and I printed off the pictures for him (and I) to refer to. It also gave me an opportunity to discuss the parts of the bugs.

My son loved it! The Puffy Paint is so easy to make.

Mix until no clumps are present:

  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup of water

Separate paint into different bowls and add food coloring to each portion. For the containers, I used these bottles I bought from Amazon. They worked great with our project. 

We painted caterpillars.

A Ladybug

Spider and web

A Bumblebee (so not all were bugs!)

And an ant

The paint takes a while to dry so expect to not hang the art pieces until the next day.

We also made a puppet show using the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

I took a box lying around and cut out a square on the bottom. I glued on fabric onto the sides and top. Logan didn't want to paint the box but rather draw shapes and letters.

{Excuse the pajamas! I think we were having a lazy day!}

We made a caterpillar out of a sock, green pom poms, jiggly eyes, and pipe cleaners.

I downloaded, printed, and laminated the clip art from this site.  I then glued onto popsicle sticks.

Both my kids love to act out the story while I tell it. I also love watching their little imaginations as they play on their own. It's fun to see what stories they come up with the different items.

If you have any fun bug activities, crafts, and/or food, we would love for you to link up to our Facebook page!



Camp Week Part 3

There are so many fun crafts and activities you can do while camping. I had a lot planned, but in reality, we didn't do much since we were so busy sight seeing. If you are going somewhere you have been before or to just enjoy the wonderful idea of camping, you will probably want a few activities and crafts planned to keep the kids from becoming too crazy!

One activity we did was a Nature Hunt. We checked each item off the list as we took a picture of each object.

Click on the picture above to print our your own copy of the Nature Hunt.

This week, we are working on creating a book with our pictures and what each item represents (water, an animal, etc.) I will share once it is completed. Children love to create books and it helps with reading readiness and word exposure. Preschool children can easily enough "read" their books to siblings and parents.

A few other fun crafts...

Stick Frame:

Buy a cheap unfinished wood frame. Collect sticks and glue to the frame with craft glue. Let dry overnight.

Leaf Art:

Collect leafs and glue onto a sturdy white paper shaped into animals, shapes, objects, or abstract art.

Nature Rubbings:

Use sturdy white paper and place over anything with texture... rocks, leaves, bark, etc. Gently use crayons and rub back and forth against texture until pattern appears.

Tomorrow I will share the Junior Ranger Program we discovered at Acadia National Park. It is a really neat program and we found the programs are in almost every state and pretty easily accessible no matter where you live (well, probably not Guam!) My son LOVED completing it!

Hopefully this hot weather is bearable in your area!


Camp Week Part 2

I stumbled along this great idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun idea to use if you are camping at home. I made it for a Baby Shower, but thought it was an easy take on making S'mores without fire.

You can find the instructions at Tip Junkie. My only recommendation is add a whole lot more chocolate chips in-between the graham crackers.They were very easy to make and turned out yummy!

Last year we did a camp week at home and wanted to share a few of our past ideas.

Nature Walk and Project

Indoor Campfire

Camp Hats

Family Banner

Tomorrow I will share some more activities and crafts you can do either camping outdoors or at home!


Weekly Theme: Camp Week Part 1

Each week this summer, we will be doing some fun food, crafts, and activities with our children revolving around a certain theme. I hope you join us in these themes and we would love for your to leave comments with your ideas or link up your ideas on our Facebook page!

This week we are celebrating camping. My little family just returned from a week long camping trip to beautiful Maine. Today, I wanted to share a few quick tips on travelling long distances and camping with children. Throughout this week, we will share food ideas, activities, and crafts you can do with your children whether you are camping at home or camping out under the stars.


  • Don't always assume you can travel to Maine during the summer and try to find a hotel room at 2 AM! 
  • Throw away the limited TV screening policy and let your kids watch unlimited movies. It is so peaceful and quiet you can even have conversations with your husband!
  • Have snacks galore! We used a cooler with fruit, cheese, lunch meat, and made sandwiches and snacks.
  • Have any stuffed animals, special blankets, and PJ's ready for nap time or if travelling at night.
  • Take as many rest stops as needed.
  • A few fun games... I Spy, the license plate game, and I also taught Logan the color ruby and we tried to find as many items that were rubied color. He loved it.
  • Music and silly songs



  • Know that the kids will go to bed late and naps will be skipped or taken whenever possible.
  • Dirt is good... at least that is what I tell myself when my daughter is continually dirty from digging and playing
  • Always be prepared for rain
  • It is exhausting, but well worth it!
  • Lots of band-aids for those many falls and scrapes
  • Don't forget to charge your camera so you have enough battery power for all those great pictures you will be taking!
  • Embrace the no make-up and hair pulled back every day look
  • Drink lots of water!
  • Be prepared for a lot of activities and then realize you didn't do any of them... you were too busy enjoying your family and exploring!

I hope some of these tips can help! I really encourage camping. I told my husband that it is a lot of work, but the experience is so valuable! Our family loved it and hopefully your family will love it as well!




4th of July Shirts- Repost

 I love the 4th of July and love to celebrate in style! I love making shirts for my kids because I know one day they won't let me!


If you would like to download the full size image, please click on the thumbnail below.

To make a shirt:

1. Print your image out on t-shirt transfer paper. You can find this at any craft store or general merchandise store (Walmart, Target, etc.)

2. Cut out the image. For the star, I cut as close to the wording as possible. Keep in mind any border will be white on your material.

3. Iron on the image using your transfer paper's directions.

4. Let cool and wear!

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help! You can leave a comment or email me at