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Nature Printing

This is a simple, quick summer craft that my kiddo loved.  You'll need to gather the following:


Freezer Paper (or any waxed paper)

A smallish hammer or mallet

masking tape or painters tape 

A variety of colorful flowers and leaves (would be really fun to gather these from a hike)

Something to print on.  We used a childs apron that we purchased at Hobby Lobby, but you could print on any fabric and most fiber based papers.


Simply take your flower or leaf and place it, most colorful side down, onto your printing surface.  Cover it with a small piece of freezer paper and tape in place like so...


Now simply take your hammer or mallet and gently tap the flower.  I found that on leaves I had to do a lot more than a gentle tap, I really had to whack those things to get them to release much pigment.

Lift the tape, and be amazed!


It really was a fun quick activity that we will definitely do again.  My daughter loved being part of each step in the process and pretty much wore it the remainder of the afternoon.  





Recycled T-shirt Fairy Wings

This is a fun activity to do on a hot day since the sprinklers or swimming pool is the perfect way to clean up!  

You'll need to gather:


An old t-shirt

some acrylic paint

foam rollers or brushes 

elastic (about a yard)


Start by cutting the shirt up one side of the body (through the sleeve)

 Next cut through the top of both sleeves to the neck and open up.  It should look like this when you're done.

Next fold the shirt in half and cut a butterfly shape.


Now comes the fun part!  There are all sorts of techniques you can use to decorate these:  Tie Dye, paint, Batik, natural dyes, you get the idea.  We used watered down acrylic paint and a fun roller set we found at walmart. 



Once you get to this point, let it dry thoroughly.  We let the kiddos take a dip in the pool to clean off!  To finish up simple take about 18-20 inches of your elastic and sew it into a loop (hand and machine sewing works fine).  Next sew your loop onto the center of your wings making sure to go through both layers of elastic.  (Picture to come)


Lastly sew two small finger loops onto the ends of the wings, and you're done! 

You could easily convert this to a no sew project as well by using the t-shirt scraps.  Cut two small slit in the back/center of the wings.  Then cut a 18-20 inch strip of t-shirt scrap, then tie into a loop.  Slide the loop through the slits then tie the end in a knot to prevent them from falling out.  To finish the arms simply cut two small slits on the ends for thumb holes. (I'll update with a picture tonight)


There you have it!  You'll have a flying fairy/dragon in no time.





Independence Day in Style!

Here's a quick little craft to show your patriotic spirit!  You'll need a plain t-shirt and fabric paint.


I probably should have washed and dried this shirt before we did this craft, but alas, I am lazy and did not (Please pardon my wrinkles).  It's really quite a simple process that doesn't need much explaination. 

Simply use your childs handprint for the blue section of the flag, and then have them paint the stripes in red.  I mixed in a bit of glitter paint, because as I have previously stated, I am a sucker for glitter.  Let dry for at least 24 hours before wearing.  You may want to iron the image (use parchment paper as a buffer) 




Sun Catchers


We recently visited the Arts Festival in my hometown and saw this fun activity, so we thought we's share.  It's super easy and can be done inside or out. 

You'll need cheap plastic dessert plates, sharpie markers, and a drill (or a hot nail). 


Preheat your oven to 350, or you can use your grill on medium.  Have your child draw and color on the plate.  The more color they add, the more colorful the end result will be.




 Next place the plates on a foil lined pan and bake for 5-10 minutes (honestly I'm kind of guessing at the bake times.  Just wait for them to curl up).  Let them cool slightly before lifting them onto a cooling rack.


Drill some holes, or melt the plastic with a hot nail.  We strung ours up with twine, but you could also turn them into magnets, or make a windchime.  Their are lots of possibilities!

Hope you enjoy!




Solar Lanterns


Summer has arrived, bringing with it camping trips, bonfires, late night star gazing, and an overall sense of merriment.  I remeber the magic of summer as a kid so vividly.  I thought it might be fun to make a special solar light for sleepovers at grandmas house.

There are a lot of ways you could go about this, but we decided on this option.

Now, as much as I like Ms. Garner, this little puppy runs a steep $19.99.  Luckily I had a few coupons tucked away and it ended up more like $8.00.  You could easily piece your own together using a solar lid, acrylic mason jar, painters tape, craft paint, and a small length of rope. 


This is a pretty simple project that takes about 20 mintues to make and about 30 minutes to dry.  This kit came with "stickers", which were basically shapes made out of blue painters tape.  Place your stickers onto your clean dry acrylic mason jar, making sure to give them a good rub to affix them firmly.



Next using a sponge or a foam stenciling brush, dab on a generous coat of acrylic craft paint.



Let the paint dry in a warm spot for about 20 minutes then peel the stickers off.



Now because my little one is pretty rough with things, and because everything is better with a good dose of glitter, I added a double coating of extreme glitter modge podge.



There you have it!  Add the rope, then the lid and you've got yourself a fabulous summer night light.