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Nature Printing

This is a simple, quick summer craft that my kiddo loved.  You'll need to gather the following:


Freezer Paper (or any waxed paper)

A smallish hammer or mallet

masking tape or painters tape 

A variety of colorful flowers and leaves (would be really fun to gather these from a hike)

Something to print on.  We used a childs apron that we purchased at Hobby Lobby, but you could print on any fabric and most fiber based papers.


Simply take your flower or leaf and place it, most colorful side down, onto your printing surface.  Cover it with a small piece of freezer paper and tape in place like so...


Now simply take your hammer or mallet and gently tap the flower.  I found that on leaves I had to do a lot more than a gentle tap, I really had to whack those things to get them to release much pigment.

Lift the tape, and be amazed!


It really was a fun quick activity that we will definitely do again.  My daughter loved being part of each step in the process and pretty much wore it the remainder of the afternoon.  





Three Tips for Travelling with Kids

I, probably like you, scour the internet for tips on travelling with kids. We have done numerous flights, one cross-country move, and many road trips. We love to travel. After almost eight years of travelling with kids, I have narrowed down my travelling tips to three.

1. Lots of movies

2. Lots of snacks

3. Always make the kids go to the bathroom before you leave a stop because without fail, they need to go five minutes later.


I used to bring lots of toys and games but quite frankly that ended up in dropped toys which resulted in tears and games led to arguments which you cannot escape from being strapped into a car! When flying, less is more. It is so difficult flying with small children and having enormous bags to cart around. Thank heavens for Ipads and digital movies!

One activity that we do love while road tripping is each of us pick a favorite song and we take turns listening and singing to each song. Even my two year old can tell us a song she loves. She will usually screech at us that she wants to dance so we do our best to dance in our seats. This usually goes on for about four rounds and we all love it!

What suggestions do you have for road tripping or flying? Share below in a comment or on Facebook!


Easy Song to Memorize the Presidents of the United States

Last President's Day, my son came home from school with a song that he used to memorize all the Presidents of the United States. Now, he is teaching his little five year old sister and I am even starting to learn (sadly I do not know!) all the Presidents of the United States.

The song is sung to Yankee Doodle. Click on the image below for a downloadable printable of the lyrics. Check out our Facebook page for a video of my son singing the song! It is catchy and addicting! It is so much fun to hear my children singing and knowing all the Presidents of the United States!

Happy 4th of July!


How To Make A Stained Glass American Flag

I loved making stained glass decorations with my children. We are in full gear getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July and thought Stained Glass American Flags would add to our patriotism.


  • Cardstock Outline of an American Flag
  • Clear contact paper
  • Red, white, and blue tissue paper
  • White cardstock for the stars
  • Scissors

To Make:

1. Cut out the outline of an American Flag. I used my Silhouette to cut out the shape.

2. Cut out two pieces of clear contact paper that are both the same shape. They should be slightly bigger than your American Flag cutout.

3. Cut out small squares out of the red, white, and blue tissue paper. Place the colored squares onto the American Flag. The tissue paper will stick to the contact paper.

4. Cut out small stars out of white cardstock. Place onto the blue tissue paper. We did not need to use glue since the stars stuck to the contact paper.

5. When the flag is finished, place the 2nd piece of contact paper over the finished design and cut out. I like to cut just a bit outside of the outline to keep all the sides stuck together.

6. Hang and enjoy!


Summer Badges

It has been so long since I have written! I am back (I think!) Life is so busy and fun! Since my last post, we have moved cross-country and loving our new area. We are surrounded by mountains, lakes, and evergreens. It’s been a bit of a crazy few years but we wouldn’t change a single thing!

This summer, our family is working on Summer Badges. A few weeks ago, I sat down and brainstormed all the activities I want our family to focus on. I divided it into four categories: academics, physical, outdoors, and skills. It helps me with my brainstorming. Below are all the badges and descriptions I came up with. Of course, customize it to your family. You may want to do more, less, or visit museums.


Click on the picture for the complete file with all 36 activities.

 My kids have already earned their hiking badge and are super excited to continue!

I am not a graphic artist and decided to turn to google to find summer badges that I could print and award my children. I found three websites of graphics that I loved.


Camp Badges by The Girl Tyler

Symboly Gamification Icons

They are now all printed on cardstock and ready to be cut and given!

We decided to keep our badges on a white poster board hanging in our kitchen. My husband and I were discussing possibly having a fun family event when so many badges are earned. We haven’t really gotten that far in our thought process and are open to suggestions!

What are some fun summer activities you plan on doing?