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Constellation Creations

My girl just loves space and planets and especially constellations.



Gather together:

Glow in the Dark Sculpey clay

Small Magnets

A Baking Sheet

String (Optional)

This one really couldn't be simple but takes a little time to prepare.  Simply have you or your child roll out the clay and press it into a flat disk.  Bake at 275 for approximately 15 minutes.  I used my toaster over so I wouldn't have to heat my house up too much.  Press the cooled disks onto the magnets (I purchased self adhesive magnets, but think I'll need to add some hot glue over time). 

Then let the fun begin!  You can print out cards like Laura from Lalymomr did, or you can just let them use their imagination.  Since my daughter is quite young I opted for the second option.  We talked about how constellation are like pictures in the sky.  She told me hers was a mermaid.



The Earth's Rotation


This is a fun craft to help explain how the stars seem to "move".  You'll need the following:

2 paper plates

1 Brad

White and Black Tempura Paint


An Old toothbrush

Exacto Knife (handy but not necessary)


Start by drawing a scene on half of the paper plate then cutting it out with an exacto knife.  I did this ahead, my daughter is only 4, but it would be easy for older children.  Then have them paint it with black tempura paint.


Next have your child paint the other plate with black water color paint, followed by nighttime hues (purple, blue, pink).  Let this dry.


Next use your toothbrush to splatter white tempura paint for the stars.  You can also add things like comets and the moon!


Lastly, stack the two plates and secure with a brad.  Then watch the night sky spin.  It would be a great craft to do camping as well.