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Summer Fun!

I feel like I am back in my groove again and looking forward to summer plans. My biggest hurdle is trying to plan activities with also mothering my three children. However, I am finding some great online resources that does a lot of the planning for me!

Today, I came across "Do It Yourself, Summer Reading Camp" on Awesome! It lays out activities and plans for 10 weeks with each week having a theme. Perfect! It is exactly what I have wanted to do for the past few years. I am going to try to come up with some extra activities and hope to share. This week, I am going to work on organizing bug week which will start next week. I am so excited!

I am hoping to create some stickers for my kids that we can put on a poster to show what we have learned this summer. Hopefully I can get it done this week and share!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



Spring Party

Happy Spring!!!

I love to have parties celebrating the new seasons. We celebrated the arrival of spring complete with yummy cupcakes and stained-glass flowers.


I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the daisies and the word Spring. The templates can be found in the store. I attached the flower/word to a cake pop stick. The "grass" is green frosting with green sprinkles. Logan loved helping with the sprinkles!

That Silhouette machine is awesome!

Please excuse my dirty windows, it's very embarrassing!!! Let's pretend that it's just barely Spring and I haven't had a chance to wash them!

For our fun activity, we made stained-glass flowers. I love stained glass anything... they are super easy to make. The instructions are in this post.

Spring is so wonderful!

This little girl agrees (and loves her milk moustache!)

I hope everyone is loving Spring!

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Rainbow Cupcakes

Top O' To The Morning! This is our theme for March. We usually have a night of breakfast (my favorite!) and fun activities. We still haven't finished our activity, so I will post that later. However, I am in love with these Rainbow cupcakes and couldn't wait to share!

Rainbow Cupcakes

Courtesy of Family Fun

These little cupcakes took me about an hour (well actually 1-1/2 hours because I messed up the cake recipe.)

1. Mix together your favorite white cake recipe. I used this one from All Recipes. My husband loved it.

2. Divide mix into 6 different bowls (I divided by 1/4 cup at a time per bowl.)

3. Mix together food coloring and mix. Food color drops are below...

I used this chart from Family Fun (I found it in a magazine, not online.)

  • Purple= 9 red and 6 blue drops
  • Blue= 12 drops
  • Green= 12 drops
  • Yellow= 12 drops
  • Orange= 12 yellow and 4 red drops
  • Red= 18 drops

{Yes, I'm not very clean!}

4. Starting with purple mix, divide evenly among baking cups. I used between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon. Be careful not to use too much or you will run out of space in the baking cups. You may NOT need to use all the mix. Using your finger (or a spoon) spread out mix to cover the bottom of the cup or the color beneath.

5. Continue with the blue and so forth.

6. Bake and top with whipped cream or frosting.

7. Enjoy and eat your heart out!


Spring Decoration

I am so excited, I am getting a blog design! Wahoo! I will be changing my domain shortly, so please look for the notice to update your bookmark.

I LOVE to decorate the seasons and holidays, so much so that I have ran out of storage room for all my seasonal decorations. Will that stop me? Heavens, no! I just need to be a bit more creative in the storage department.


My friend Michelle inspired me with her post here. I basically copied her idea because I loved it so much. 

I am a firm believer in making my house a home. My family needs a place that is peaceful and happy. A place that is warm and lived in. I love to bring the seasons and holidays inside my home. I love seeing Logan's eyes light up when he sees something new and festive. I am savoring these moments when Logan and I are decorating together while Hannah is desperately trying to help us by unloading the bins. Truly, decorating is bringing us closer as a family. :)