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2013 Word: LOVE

Happy 2013!

This year's word was very easy for me to pick. I have been thinking about love for quite a few months and found myself wanting to really live this word this year. This year I want to...

  • LOVE my family by spending time and cherishing the moments. I want to enjoy spending those quiet moments cuddling my children as they drift off to sleep instead of thinking about the next thing I need or want to do.
  • LOVE my Savior by expanding my testimony and knowledge of my faith. 
  • LOVE my body by nourishing and strengthening it
  • LOVE my fellow men by working on not being so cynical, jumping to conclusions, and acting on first impressions. 
  • LOVE by implementing 33 acts of kindness this year... more to come on this as I develop it
  • LOVE as a family by focusing on service each month

I loved focusing on my 2012 word REDEDICATE. I found myself being such a better mother, wife, and person.

To find out more about the word of the year, visit Ali Edwards.

Happy New Year!


One Little Word: Rededicate

I love Ali Edwards. I love her creativity and find her very inspiring in the ways of telling a story. In 2007, she described the concept of One Little Word. It is one word to revolve your life around for that upcoming year. She describes it beautifully here. I was instantly in love! In one moment, any discussion of New Year's Resolutions were thrown out the window. This was something I could do and something I have done. 

It can be any word. You can make up a word like last year's Healthify. This past year, I have learned about organic and local eating, about Community Supported Agriculture, pesticides, the importance of exercise (still need to work on this!), and about what chemicals I put on my body. I have also learned that in being healthy, I need to work on myself spiritually and mentally. This word was not meant to loose weight (although I have), but instead to learn how to raise a healthy family. I believe I will always be working on this word; however, it is now a part of my life and that is my goal.

2012's word was easy for me. My life has been out of balance for about 4 months now and it is time to "rededicate" myself...rededicate myself to my family... to my goals and priorities... and rededication to my emotional, spiritual, and mental self. I often find myself with a large  project list and it's time to get my life into a routine so I can tackle all that I want to put upon myself. I want to rededicate to savoring the moments with my children... rededicate my life to my best friend... rededicate to the love of cooking... rededicate to getting our family financially prepared... and rededicate myself to creating and documenting those precious moments in my life. Time is flying bye and I don't want to miss a beat!

I love Simply Fresh Designs and purchased this beautiful printable. She will take your One Little Word and create a personal printable for you. Please visit her etsy shop here.

I would love to hear your 2012 One Little Word!

Happy New Year!



Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season thus far! We had a marvelous Christmas and are excited to ring in the New Year!

I wanted to share a few New Year's ideas that I have found the last few days. I love the creativity and talents that everyone shares!

Last year, I started our own tradition of describing our favorites (memories, movies, etc.) for the past year as well as record the kid's stats such as height, weight, and age. I think I will start incorporating everyone's favorites and stats (minus mom's stats) in the end of year memory book that I make each year.

(Just a tangent, Shutterfly has updated their site and it is incredible! I have been looking for the past 2 years for a digital system that I love... well, now I love Shutterfly! I highly encourage you to check it out!)

I can't find the printable I used last year, but you can find all types of printables on Pinterest. My favorites so far...


Printable End of the Year Time Capsule Questions from Today's Mama.

Printable from Thirty Handmade Days

 I also love these two fun countdown ideas...

New Year's Eve Countdown Bags from The Idea Room

Ballon Count Down from How Does She

Each hour contains something fun you can do for the whole family!

Since my kids are very little, I think I will start the countdown earlier and celebrate bedtime like it is the New Year! And let's be honest... my husband and I sometimes don't even make it until midnight!

Tomorrow, I will post my word for the year! I am so excited!