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Snowmen Cake Pops and Balloons: Repost

This winter and Christmas season we have been taking it very easy waiting for this little baby to come, just a little bit longer! I wanted to share some fun cake pops and balloon snowmen we made last year. The kids loved to make them and our snowmen stayed around for quite awhile.


Snowman Cake Pops

The faces could have been a lot cuter, but I just used what was on hand! I stacked three chocolate cake balls onto a stick and covered  all three balls in candy melts at the same time. Be a bit gentle, the cake balls can get a bit too heavy, break, and fall off. I only had blue candy melts but loved the color covered in the white sprinkles. Next time, when I have more supplies and time, I will make the faces a bit more endearing.

During our evening "snow" would randomly fall down upon us. "Snow" was in the form of marshmallows that I threw up in the air. The kids LOVED it and thought it was hilarious!

For our fun activity, we made...

Balloon Snowman

These turned out even better than I imagined. Besides the white balloons, I used materials I had on hand. My husband bought these awesome hats in New York City, I was so sad when my children grew out of them last year, but now we have a Logan and Hannah Snowmen that can wear them! For adhesive, I used crafting glue and glue dots. We also used some clear tape to tape the balloons together. I did tie two balloon ends together and then had to glue the bottom balloon to the top two.

A few materials we used:

Eyes and nose- buttons

Mouth and arms- pipe cleaners

Scarfs- fabric scraps

Other fun materials- rafia, marshmallows, chocolate chips, popcorn kernels, silly string, and sticks.

I would love to read your fun "winter" activities! I'm always on the lookout for new ideas!




2013 Word: LOVE

Happy 2013!

This year's word was very easy for me to pick. I have been thinking about love for quite a few months and found myself wanting to really live this word this year. This year I want to...

  • LOVE my family by spending time and cherishing the moments. I want to enjoy spending those quiet moments cuddling my children as they drift off to sleep instead of thinking about the next thing I need or want to do.
  • LOVE my Savior by expanding my testimony and knowledge of my faith. 
  • LOVE my body by nourishing and strengthening it
  • LOVE my fellow men by working on not being so cynical, jumping to conclusions, and acting on first impressions. 
  • LOVE by implementing 33 acts of kindness this year... more to come on this as I develop it
  • LOVE as a family by focusing on service each month

I loved focusing on my 2012 word REDEDICATE. I found myself being such a better mother, wife, and person.

To find out more about the word of the year, visit Ali Edwards.

Happy New Year!


Stained Glass Snowmen: Repost

Wow, I have been missing in action! I have been missing this little place. I have been doing a few things, but really just taking it easy. This pregnancy has been a bit rough, but hopefully once we have our new little one here, I will be back to my regular self!

I loved making these snowmen last year and wanted to share again. The kids loved making them and they turned out to be a great decorating piece.

Stained Glass Snowmen

You will need:

  • tissue paper cut into squares... I used a light blue, dark blue, and white
  • googly eyes that can be found in any children's craft section
  • buttons for mouth and middle section
  • three different size circles that you can trace around... I used items found around my home
  • clear contact paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue dots or other adhesive
  • tape... I used painters tape since it is blue and easy to use
  • rafia or string to tie sections together
  • pom pom for nose

To make:

1. Cut out small squares from tissue paper (see above)

2. Trace each circle 2 times on clear contact paper.

3. Don't cut out the circles just yet, instead leave a gap and cut out a square around the circle.

4. Take off protective covering on one circle and have child stick on tissue paper.

5. When circle is covered with tissue paper, cover with the other piece that was traced. (see below)

6. Cut out circle

7. Repeat steps 3-6 for the other two circles

8. Cut several small pieces of tape in half and tape together by sticking the bottom half of the tape to one side and folding the top half to the other side. Do this for all 3 circles... this is the most time consuming step.

9. Using glue dots or other adhesive, glue on googly eyes, pom pom for nose, and the buttons for the mouth. Also glue on three buttons onto the middle section.

(Please ignore the dirty window!)

10. With scissors, on the largest circle, make a small hole at the top, be careful that you leave a gap between the top of the circle and your hole. Make another hole on both the top and bottom of your middle piece, and also the top and middle of the face.

11. Using rafia or string, thread through the bottom piece hole and one of the middle piece holes. Tie a knot in the back and clip off any extras. Repeat this step to combine the middle part to the head.

12. On the hole on the top of the head, thread rafia or string through and tie a knot.  Combine both pieces of rafia or strings at the top and make a knot for hanging.

13. Place in a window with a lot of light and enjoy!




Snow Flake Window

I have an old window in my kitchen that I absolutely love. The look of it changes a bit from season to season and holiday to holiday. For January, I decided we needed some snow and snowflakes.


To make...

1. Buy snow spray (I bought mine off Amazon)

Note: This stuff is terrible. It took me FOREVER to get it to work. The top pop off and I had snow drizzling out all over the place. After a lot more time than it should have taken, I finally got it to work long enough to finish the window.

2. Cut out a template by printing a snowflake on paper and then cutting out the printed snowflake, leaving the paper as the template.

3. Tape the paper template to the window and spray into the cut out snowflake. I did this several times.

4. Spray a bit on the bottom for built up snow.

5. Enjoy your masterpiece!

I hope you are enjoying this Winter season so far!


Theme Night: Winter Wednesday

We kept this week's Winter Wednesday a little bit lower key. I attempted snowmen stew, snowflake cupcakes, and a fun game called "Roll A Snowman." The key to a successful theme night is advanced planning. I find if I don't plan well, then I become stressed, and it is not a pleasant sight. Try to prepare as much as possible ahead of time!

Onto the festivities!

I made a quick and easy stew and attempted to make snowmen out of mashed potatoes. My husband preferred to use the veggies and I preferred to use sugar decorative flakes. Which one do you like?

For desert... my favorite... I made snowflake cup cakes that I first saw on Glorious Treats.

I made the royal frosting snowflakes the night before. They are dainty little things and easily break! I made my snowflakes with a little too much water which in return let them mold to the cup cake.  Glorious Treats gives a great tutorial on royal frosting.

While feasting on the cupcakes, we played "Roll A Snowman." I first saw this game on Somewhat Simple.

I used the template seen above, but you could definitely make your own! If you would like to use the template, please visit her post to print. I did change the game just slightly by using a large, colored dice instead of a numbered dice.

The kids loved the game and it is one we will definitely play again very soon!

I'm starting Twitterpated Tuesday next week for our February theme! I hope you will join us!