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Last Week of Flower Fun

This week life has been a bit busy for me, so we kept things a little low key. 


Our weather has finally changed from cold and rainy to warm and humid. We enjoyed a night in the park listening to the birds and exploring the "flowers" and other weeds. I am going to put together a "Park Scavenger Hunt" to do in June. As soon as I have my list together, I will share. 

I like to have a desert or food that accompanies our theme each week. This week I attempted to make flowers out of sugar cookie dough. 

The dough didn't look the prettiest. I used a small circle, glass bowl to cut out my middle. I then free handed a petal and then attempted to use it as a template. I stuck the dough all together and then crossed my fingers when I put it into the oven.

I thought they turned out pretty well for...

1- My first attempt.
2- I'm not a perfectionist
3- I had about 5 minutes to decorate. 

The kids loved them and that is all that matters!



Another Week of Flowers!


This week, we kept it pretty simple. 

I made some delicious french toast (with a sweet potato puree.) So easy! Mix two eggs, some sweet potato, and cinnamon and let the bread soak for a few seconds and cook. 

To get the flower:

  • Cut out the flower on the Cricut, Silhouette, or any paper cutter  . If you do not have a paper cutter, you can find any image on the computer. Cut out the image and use the actual paper as your template, not the cut out image.  
  • Place paper over your french toast and gently shake powdered sugar over your template. I don't have one of those nifty shakers, however, I do have a very small strainer which worked perfectly!
  • Serve and enjoy!


Our after dinner activity consisted of making a flower on our family wall describing what we love about being outside. It was quick and easy which is sometimes needed for two kids who really need to go to bed!

To make:

  • Fold a piece of paper in half. Cut about 1/4 in from the non-folded edge and cut up gradually going in to a point. This is your template.
  • Choose colors and cut away following the template. 
  • Try many times to cut a circle for the middle of the flower. I could have used my Cricut, but I had already put it away and I was a bit lazy to get it out. 
  • Let the kids color the petals.
  • Let everyone identify what they like about being outside. 
  • Hang away with your older son's help! (This was also a patience lesson for the mom as she realized she needs to help her son listen to directions.)



Back At It:: May!

You know sometimes you go through spells where life just isn't grooving along easily. It's been that way for me for a couple of months, but I am determined to get back on top. I figured, in order to keep this blog up, I need to do our weekly activities before I post, hence this post and a different approach to this little blog.

My May theme is Friday Flowers. I find Friday's (and Mondays) are the easiest night for us to celebrate. This month, we are celebrating Flowers and Spring in all it's glory!


Our first week consisted of:


 A yummy Spring treat consisting of apples and raspberries. This is my attempt at a flower. 


Every month I like to decorate our family wall. This month we are decorating with our flower creations. For older kids you can have them draw, paint, sculpt, modge podge their own. There are endless options. Logan likes to glue tissue paper on his.

{To get the shape, I went into Photoshop Elements and clicked on the cookie cutter tool. Next, look at the top and under shape choose flowers. Lastly, chose a flower and click on your document and re size to whatever shape you like.}



 Here are our first three flowers. I think the two that Logan drew look kind of like toenails, but at least he is working on writing his O's. :) I am going to proudly display them in my home.