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How to make Floating Octopus for an Under the Sea Party

A few days ago, we had a few of our friends over for a play date. I do not know about you, but I do get sick of the kids playing Minecraft and video games all day long. I decided each of us should make an octopus and let them swim like they are in the ocean.

This activity is seriously so simple if you have a large fan!

Items needed for each octopus:

  • balloon
  • streamers of any color
  • tape
  • permanent marker for the eyes
  • a large fan... a small fan may work but I am not sure since I have not tried it.

Steps to make a floating octopus:

1. Blow up the balloon! :)

2. Cut streamers to desired length (I did eight.)

3. Tape on the streamers to the balloon.

4. Make two large eyes with the permanent marker. Let dry for just a second so it does not smear on clothing!

5. Turn on the fan and let the kids go to town!

It took me about five minutes to make six and the kids played with them for about an hour. They loved it!


Easy Song to Memorize the Presidents of the United States

Last President's Day, my son came home from school with a song that he used to memorize all the Presidents of the United States. Now, he is teaching his little five year old sister and I am even starting to learn (sadly I do not know!) all the Presidents of the United States.

The song is sung to Yankee Doodle. Click on the image below for a downloadable printable of the lyrics. Check out our Facebook page for a video of my son singing the song! It is catchy and addicting! It is so much fun to hear my children singing and knowing all the Presidents of the United States!

Happy 4th of July!


Strategy To Focus on the Positive With Your Children

I've been a Negative Nelly for a bit now. I constantly hear myself tell my children not to do this or that. I am telling them no quite a lot. When I talk with adults about my children, it is always with a negative tone. By nature, I am a glass half-full type of person and do not want my children to grow up with a negative mother. This week I decided it was time to change my way of thinking and one strategy that I find that helps me is to make myself focus on the positive.

Enter my posters...

{Excuse the bright colors, we are pretty bright around here}

My nature, one of my children is more on the pessimistic side and I am determined that as a family we are focusing on what makes us happy and/or what we are thankful for. I used my Silhouette and found this cute little quote. I cut it out and pasted it on. Every evening at dinner time, each of us takes the opportunity to write one or two things that happened during the day that made us or happy or something we are thankful for. It's been a fantastic addition to our dinner routine.

In my church, we have a saying "Choose the Right." In my last post, I described the poster I made a few years ago. I took that same idea and when my children "Choose the Right" I quickly add it to the poster. This way I am looking for what they are doing right instead of what is going wrong.

I am a firm believe it is my outlook on my children that really influences how I treat them! I hope we can all focus on what incredible little beings our children are!

Please share what you do to focus on your children's positives!


CTR Poster

In my church, we have a saying of "Choose The Right." I wanted to bring that saying into my home which led me to create a CTR super hero poster. It has done wonders in our home!


I bought this cute little super hero from the web (unfortunately I can't remember the website) and pasted him onto a cardboard and wrote the words CTR... Choose The Right.

Now whenever I see my children "Choosing the Right", I quickly write it down on the board. I have it hanging in our family room so it is always easy to get to. I also make it a point to tell my husband at dinner what the kids did to Choose The Right that day. Their faces light up with delight.

My son's behavior has greatly improved! He likes to have control and now instead of me directing him to what he needs to do and getting upset... I just ask him to Choose The Right. Almost all the time he makes the right decision. I love that it is teaching him to make good decisions without my input.

What are your parenting tools?



Oh, how making our terrarium today reminded me of when I was younger. I don't remember specific details but I do remember making one of these. I love the thought that my children are doing what I did way back 100 years ago.

A terrarium is very easy to make and takes minutes to put together. Before we made ours, we discussed what a seed is and why it needs water and sun to grow. I don't really expect my three year old to regurgitate what he learned today, but I believe in exposing him to as much of the world around him as possible. To aid in learning, there are some great books that illustrates and describes how a seed grows. This book looks interesting.

To make a terrarium:

You will need: water, 2 liter bottle, dirt, sharp scissors, and seeds

1. Find the bottom of where the label was and push your scissors through. Cut around to make two separate pieces.

2. Fill the bottom piece with dirt to almost full.

3. Try to occupy the toddler while your hands are covered with dirt.

4. Plant the seeds.

5. Water

6. Take the top piece and push it over the bottom piece. It will take some pressure and coaxing. Place the cap back on top of the bottle.

7. Place in a sunny window and watch grow.

8. When sprouted, take outside and plant.