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Spring Party

Happy Spring!!!

I love to have parties celebrating the new seasons. We celebrated the arrival of spring complete with yummy cupcakes and stained-glass flowers.


I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the daisies and the word Spring. The templates can be found in the store. I attached the flower/word to a cake pop stick. The "grass" is green frosting with green sprinkles. Logan loved helping with the sprinkles!

That Silhouette machine is awesome!

Please excuse my dirty windows, it's very embarrassing!!! Let's pretend that it's just barely Spring and I haven't had a chance to wash them!

For our fun activity, we made stained-glass flowers. I love stained glass anything... they are super easy to make. The instructions are in this post.

Spring is so wonderful!

This little girl agrees (and loves her milk moustache!)

I hope everyone is loving Spring!

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Eggcellent Monday - Week 2

I really wanted to post pictures and an update from our Week 1 Eggcellent Monday, but basically it was a no go. Sometimes a 3 year old does not want to cooperate and is put to bed. However, this week, will be a blast!


  • Hidden Surprise Easter Egg Treats found here. I love these and will fill them up with left over jelly beans from our previous week. 


  •  "Some Bunny Love You!" thumb print cards. I am going to try to get these done today and hopefully will post pictures.
  • Animal Charades: I think we will do this during the day or as I am getting dinner ready. Logan loves to act like animals, so I will create some cards and we can draw one and run around, make noises, and pretend to be that animal. Hannah loves to run behind and laugh. 


  • Don't Eat Peep! I love, love, love this site, Prepared Not Scared!, and their games. We did a similar game at Thanksgiving, and we all loved it! 

***For all games that I want to use again, I print on card stock and laminate.



It's April!


{Please excuse my lack of posts. Life became a bit busy, but we should be back to business now.}
I can't believe March has come and gone and April is now here. Unfortunately, we are not going to be celebrating April Fools (also my birthday!) due to my son having a little oral surgery. However, I have all of April to celebrate everything Easter. 

April's theme was a bit hard and I had to take a break from the alliteration. So after some hard thinking and a lot of x'ing out... April is...

Eggcellent Monday!

However, if you have a better theme, please leave a comment and we may need to change midway through. It's a dull afternoon today and my brain is dead!
This week's festivities include:


  • Easter Egg Nests found here. I am going to get some jelly beans for the center. 
  • A few store bought Easter treats
  • Have a cake walk using the Egg Nests as the prizes. I am going to create large eggs out of construction paper and Logan and I will decorate them on Sunday. I will then number each one on the back. We will play some fun family music (love Pandora) while walking from egg to egg. When the music stops, a number will be drawn from a hat, and whoever is on the correct number will get to take an Eggs Nest or treat from the basket. 

  •  I also love this envelope bunny idea from Martha Stewart. We will make our own and hang them (with the eggs) on our family wall. 

I am not a big Easter decoration fan. However, I do LOVE flowers and love this flower/candy idea from Martha.

 I also like this Easter Tree from, yes, you guessed it, Martha.  She is my go- to this week!