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Space Week! How to Make a Rocket Ship

One of our favorite activities is to make rocket ships. I let the kids design their own and decorate any way they like. We hung our son's rocket ship in his room along with the planets, sun, and stars.

Supplies Needed to Make a Rocket Ship:


cardboard cut into triangles for the wings

paper towel tube

aluminum foil

hot glue gun - in the picture it shows tape but I found using a hot glue gun so much faster and easier to use in attaching items together

one piece of white cardstock

an object to trace a circle around

streamers of desired color(s)

To Make a Rocket Ship:

1. Trace a large circle around a circular object. You can also print out a circle template from your computer.

2. Find the middle of the circle and cut a line from the middle to the edge of the circle.

3. Take one end of the cut circle and cover the other side until a cone is shaped.

4. Cover the cardstock cone, wings, and the paper towel tube with aluminum foil.

5. Hot glue on paper tube to the cone. 

6. Hot glue on the wings.

7. Cut out the streamers to a desired length and hot glue on or tape on.

8. Decorate and fly!


The Earth's Rotation


This is a fun craft to help explain how the stars seem to "move".  You'll need the following:

2 paper plates

1 Brad

White and Black Tempura Paint


An Old toothbrush

Exacto Knife (handy but not necessary)


Start by drawing a scene on half of the paper plate then cutting it out with an exacto knife.  I did this ahead, my daughter is only 4, but it would be easy for older children.  Then have them paint it with black tempura paint.


Next have your child paint the other plate with black water color paint, followed by nighttime hues (purple, blue, pink).  Let this dry.


Next use your toothbrush to splatter white tempura paint for the stars.  You can also add things like comets and the moon!


Lastly, stack the two plates and secure with a brad.  Then watch the night sky spin.  It would be a great craft to do camping as well. 


How to Make a Hanging Space Mobile

Melissa and I are celebrating Space for the next two weeks. My son is currently obsessed with planets and space. We saw an orange moon the other night (we are surrounded by many wildfires) and it was absolutely beautiful. It gave my son and I an opportunity to research why the moon can be a few different colors. I love these quick teaching moments and so thankful for technology that allows us to quickly look up information!

My son and I made a fun hanging space mobile for his room. I printed out pictures (to scale) of each planet and took a piece of string and attached each planet's name.

I then cut them out and hung them in order.

We also made 3D sun and stars. Obviously not to scale! :) 

To make 3D sun and stars:

Items Needed:

cardstock or paper


tissue paper

Circle and star template- you can find a star template online and I used a number 10 can to make the circle shape.

To Make:

1. Cut out the shapes on cardstock or paper. 

2. Staple around the shape, leave an opening large enough to stuff in some tissue paper.

3. Stuff the shape with tissue paper until full. Make sure you do not overstuff or you will have a hard time stapling the shape together.

4. Finish stapling the shape close.

It's easy and simple!

Hang and enjoy!


Independence Day in Style!

Here's a quick little craft to show your patriotic spirit!  You'll need a plain t-shirt and fabric paint.


I probably should have washed and dried this shirt before we did this craft, but alas, I am lazy and did not (Please pardon my wrinkles).  It's really quite a simple process that doesn't need much explaination. 

Simply use your childs handprint for the blue section of the flag, and then have them paint the stripes in red.  I mixed in a bit of glitter paint, because as I have previously stated, I am a sucker for glitter.  Let dry for at least 24 hours before wearing.  You may want to iron the image (use parchment paper as a buffer) 




Easy Song to Memorize the Presidents of the United States

Last President's Day, my son came home from school with a song that he used to memorize all the Presidents of the United States. Now, he is teaching his little five year old sister and I am even starting to learn (sadly I do not know!) all the Presidents of the United States.

The song is sung to Yankee Doodle. Click on the image below for a downloadable printable of the lyrics. Check out our Facebook page for a video of my son singing the song! It is catchy and addicting! It is so much fun to hear my children singing and knowing all the Presidents of the United States!

Happy 4th of July!