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How to make Floating Octopus for an Under the Sea Party

A few days ago, we had a few of our friends over for a play date. I do not know about you, but I do get sick of the kids playing Minecraft and video games all day long. I decided each of us should make an octopus and let them swim like they are in the ocean.

This activity is seriously so simple if you have a large fan!

Items needed for each octopus:

  • balloon
  • streamers of any color
  • tape
  • permanent marker for the eyes
  • a large fan... a small fan may work but I am not sure since I have not tried it.

Steps to make a floating octopus:

1. Blow up the balloon! :)

2. Cut streamers to desired length (I did eight.)

3. Tape on the streamers to the balloon.

4. Make two large eyes with the permanent marker. Let dry for just a second so it does not smear on clothing!

5. Turn on the fan and let the kids go to town!

It took me about five minutes to make six and the kids played with them for about an hour. They loved it!


Recycled T-shirt Fairy Wings

This is a fun activity to do on a hot day since the sprinklers or swimming pool is the perfect way to clean up!  

You'll need to gather:


An old t-shirt

some acrylic paint

foam rollers or brushes 

elastic (about a yard)


Start by cutting the shirt up one side of the body (through the sleeve)

 Next cut through the top of both sleeves to the neck and open up.  It should look like this when you're done.

Next fold the shirt in half and cut a butterfly shape.


Now comes the fun part!  There are all sorts of techniques you can use to decorate these:  Tie Dye, paint, Batik, natural dyes, you get the idea.  We used watered down acrylic paint and a fun roller set we found at walmart. 



Once you get to this point, let it dry thoroughly.  We let the kiddos take a dip in the pool to clean off!  To finish up simple take about 18-20 inches of your elastic and sew it into a loop (hand and machine sewing works fine).  Next sew your loop onto the center of your wings making sure to go through both layers of elastic.  (Picture to come)


Lastly sew two small finger loops onto the ends of the wings, and you're done! 

You could easily convert this to a no sew project as well by using the t-shirt scraps.  Cut two small slit in the back/center of the wings.  Then cut a 18-20 inch strip of t-shirt scrap, then tie into a loop.  Slide the loop through the slits then tie the end in a knot to prevent them from falling out.  To finish the arms simply cut two small slits on the ends for thumb holes. (I'll update with a picture tonight)


There you have it!  You'll have a flying fairy/dragon in no time.





I Love Little Passports

My son and I LOVE Little Passports. We have really enjoyed receiving our USA Edition each month. My son loves geography and we have learned so much about each state. He is on the younger side and does need my help to complete some of the activities. It is a great opportunity to have him and me time each month learning and sharing.

**The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.

Little Passports is currently hosting a Camp Explorer Activity Series and it is so much fun! It is week 2 and includes a superb scavenger hunt! See how many items you and your little Explorer can find. Get outside with the Little Passports Blog-Camp Explorer Week 2!

When you are ready to come back inside, Little Passports has you covered. They asked travel writer and mom of three, Heather Jenks, how she introduced Japan to her family with Little Passports. Read what she had to say on the blog post Traveling to Japan with Little Passports . Maybe even try the origami boat activity. Will your Little Explorer's boat float better if they color the bottom with a wax crayon?

Interested in the Japan country Kit? It is the second country Sam and Sofia visit so can be explored with any of the World Edition subscriptions ( 12, 6, or 3 months)! Sign up for your subscription and start exploring!

Interested in more Little Passports blog posts? You can find lots of indoor and outdoor activities on the Little Passports Blog.

And if you missed the Camp Explorer Series Week 1, you can view the post and download the recipe on the Little Passports Blog-Camp Explorer Week 1.

Don't forget to check back for a new project each week as we post recipes, games, and activities for your little explorers!


My New Art and Writing Center!

I recently picked up Playful Learning: Develop Your Child's Sense of Joy and Wonder, read, and fell in love! It's full of ideas and thoughts on how to engage children in reading, writing, art, math, science, and social studies in a creative and fun way. Part of the philosophy is setting up a Playful Learning Space. Organization, supplies, and fun speaks to my heart! I have a few areas already set up around the house. We have reading areas and craft bins but I felt like I needed some things more accessible for my children.

Welcome my new Art and Writing Center!

My friend made the box for me and I contemplated between painting it blue or coral. Obviously the blue won out and I could not be happier! I measured it so it would fit 6 mason jars. Right now, I am using three mason jars and filled the rest of the space with paper, crayons, paper, notebooks, and sand.

I have paintbrushes, scissors, and colored pencils in the mason jars. As we evolve and do different activities, I imagine myself switching things out.

The center sits on my kitchen table so there is no excuse not to be engaged in some sort of creative process. I also love is that I can easily take the supplies out and use it for entertaining and decorating. It's a multi-functional piece!

Do you have an art and writing center or any other kind of centers that you would love to share?

I would love to be inspired by you! Please post pictures and ideas on our Facebook  page! I love seeing new ideas!


Constellation Creations

My girl just loves space and planets and especially constellations.



Gather together:

Glow in the Dark Sculpey clay

Small Magnets

A Baking Sheet

String (Optional)

This one really couldn't be simple but takes a little time to prepare.  Simply have you or your child roll out the clay and press it into a flat disk.  Bake at 275 for approximately 15 minutes.  I used my toaster over so I wouldn't have to heat my house up too much.  Press the cooled disks onto the magnets (I purchased self adhesive magnets, but think I'll need to add some hot glue over time). 

Then let the fun begin!  You can print out cards like Laura from Lalymomr did, or you can just let them use their imagination.  Since my daughter is quite young I opted for the second option.  We talked about how constellation are like pictures in the sky.  She told me hers was a mermaid.