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Nature Printing

This is a simple, quick summer craft that my kiddo loved.  You'll need to gather the following:


Freezer Paper (or any waxed paper)

A smallish hammer or mallet

masking tape or painters tape 

A variety of colorful flowers and leaves (would be really fun to gather these from a hike)

Something to print on.  We used a childs apron that we purchased at Hobby Lobby, but you could print on any fabric and most fiber based papers.


Simply take your flower or leaf and place it, most colorful side down, onto your printing surface.  Cover it with a small piece of freezer paper and tape in place like so...


Now simply take your hammer or mallet and gently tap the flower.  I found that on leaves I had to do a lot more than a gentle tap, I really had to whack those things to get them to release much pigment.

Lift the tape, and be amazed!


It really was a fun quick activity that we will definitely do again.  My daughter loved being part of each step in the process and pretty much wore it the remainder of the afternoon.