Three Tips for Travelling with Kids
Monday, August 10, 2015
Becky in Summer, Tips

I, probably like you, scour the internet for tips on travelling with kids. We have done numerous flights, one cross-country move, and many road trips. We love to travel. After almost eight years of travelling with kids, I have narrowed down my travelling tips to three.

1. Lots of movies

2. Lots of snacks

3. Always make the kids go to the bathroom before you leave a stop because without fail, they need to go five minutes later.


I used to bring lots of toys and games but quite frankly that ended up in dropped toys which resulted in tears and games led to arguments which you cannot escape from being strapped into a car! When flying, less is more. It is so difficult flying with small children and having enormous bags to cart around. Thank heavens for Ipads and digital movies!

One activity that we do love while road tripping is each of us pick a favorite song and we take turns listening and singing to each song. Even my two year old can tell us a song she loves. She will usually screech at us that she wants to dance so we do our best to dance in our seats. This usually goes on for about four rounds and we all love it!

What suggestions do you have for road tripping or flying? Share below in a comment or on Facebook!

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