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Recycled T-shirt Fairy Wings

This is a fun activity to do on a hot day since the sprinklers or swimming pool is the perfect way to clean up!  

You'll need to gather:


An old t-shirt

some acrylic paint

foam rollers or brushes 

elastic (about a yard)


Start by cutting the shirt up one side of the body (through the sleeve)

 Next cut through the top of both sleeves to the neck and open up.  It should look like this when you're done.

Next fold the shirt in half and cut a butterfly shape.


Now comes the fun part!  There are all sorts of techniques you can use to decorate these:  Tie Dye, paint, Batik, natural dyes, you get the idea.  We used watered down acrylic paint and a fun roller set we found at walmart. 



Once you get to this point, let it dry thoroughly.  We let the kiddos take a dip in the pool to clean off!  To finish up simple take about 18-20 inches of your elastic and sew it into a loop (hand and machine sewing works fine).  Next sew your loop onto the center of your wings making sure to go through both layers of elastic.  (Picture to come)


Lastly sew two small finger loops onto the ends of the wings, and you're done! 

You could easily convert this to a no sew project as well by using the t-shirt scraps.  Cut two small slit in the back/center of the wings.  Then cut a 18-20 inch strip of t-shirt scrap, then tie into a loop.  Slide the loop through the slits then tie the end in a knot to prevent them from falling out.  To finish the arms simply cut two small slits on the ends for thumb holes. (I'll update with a picture tonight)


There you have it!  You'll have a flying fairy/dragon in no time.