My New Art and Writing Center!
Monday, July 20, 2015
Becky in Center, Craft, Organizing

I recently picked up Playful Learning: Develop Your Child's Sense of Joy and Wonder, read, and fell in love! It's full of ideas and thoughts on how to engage children in reading, writing, art, math, science, and social studies in a creative and fun way. Part of the philosophy is setting up a Playful Learning Space. Organization, supplies, and fun speaks to my heart! I have a few areas already set up around the house. We have reading areas and craft bins but I felt like I needed some things more accessible for my children.

Welcome my new Art and Writing Center!

My friend made the box for me and I contemplated between painting it blue or coral. Obviously the blue won out and I could not be happier! I measured it so it would fit 6 mason jars. Right now, I am using three mason jars and filled the rest of the space with paper, crayons, paper, notebooks, and sand.

I have paintbrushes, scissors, and colored pencils in the mason jars. As we evolve and do different activities, I imagine myself switching things out.

The center sits on my kitchen table so there is no excuse not to be engaged in some sort of creative process. I also love is that I can easily take the supplies out and use it for entertaining and decorating. It's a multi-functional piece!

Do you have an art and writing center or any other kind of centers that you would love to share?

I would love to be inspired by you! Please post pictures and ideas on our Facebook  page! I love seeing new ideas!

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