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Daily Job Chart

A few weeks ago, it dawned on me that my child with anger needed to be in control of absolutely everything. For some reason, when I or my husband ask him to do something, he thinks he is loosing all control. Enter in a "ta da" moment! I had inspiration to take our morning routine (a source of contention) out of my hands and put all the control back into my child's hands.

{Excuse the imperfection, it's been used!}

Enter in our new job chart for my son.

My son is slow to start in the mornings and tends to watch TV or play on the computer. To get him dressed presented great angst in our household. For years I have known that certain types of TV shows or computer time can set him off on the wrong foot for the day. I try to limit the time, but honestly, between getting everyone ready for the day, getting some household maintenance done, and working, I tended to let him do his thing for awhile without consistency and much screen time. It was not always pretty.

I created three sections on a poster board with plenty of white area to grow as needed. At the moment, the chart is for our morning routine. My son is in school during the afternoon and the evenings tend to run pretty smoothly. The blue cards represent the daily jobs. Pretty easy stuff such as getting dressed, eating breakfast, saying prayer, and brushing teeth. The yellow cards represents a job that needs to be completed for the day. He gets to pick one to complete a day (besides Monday, since that is when I do laundry and he needs to take his laundry down to the laundry room.) Plenty of choices! He can even complete more than one in a day if he wanted! I don't have him complete any jobs on the weekend since those tend to be morning errands or rest day. When he is completed with his job, he puts the card in the done envelope. When he has completed all his jobs for the day, he has earned one hour of TV/computer time.

We have been using this chart for about two weeks now and it is working beautifully! I don't have to nag him! If we have to run out for something in the morning, I will tell him the night before what time we have to leave and set the timer in the morning. That way, again, I'm not telling him to do anything. The chart and timer are doing all the work! We have had only little, minor problems; no epic battles or anger! I cannot tell you how calm I feel once again!

I also see a dramatic decrease in screen time and much more time using imaginations. My daughter just follows what her older brother does and she is fiercely independent, so she basically is doing her "jobs" right alongside her brother although she doesn't have a chart. It's a win-win situation for everyone!

To create:

1. Create cards by using Microsoft Office clip art and print on cardstock.

2. Cut out clip art into small squares. My measurements are a bit random.

3. Glue clip art cutouts onto cardstock and laminate.

4. Stick Velcro on the back of each card and press firmly onto poster board. This allows each card to be taken off and reattached.

5. For the done folder, I took a very large envelope and cut the top off so it was a large envelope to easily place the cards in and take out.

6. I cut the TO DO and DONE on my Silhouette and laminated.

7. Lay everything out on a large poster board and glue away.

Now let's hope it keeps working! : )

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